Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hi everyone, here's an update on what Rosie has been up to his last few days. Rosie is back in France after popping back to England for a few days to give a talk for Queens College.  Also she is bringing her car from England to France, she is going to continue her run from Paris to Rome, but because of her knee injury throwing off her schedule, when the time comes, she is going to put a marker down where she and Icebird are, and then drive to Rome for the Rome Marathon.  Afterwards she is going to return to where she left off and continue her run. 

By the way I'm enabling replies on the blog but am going to moderate them first.

All the very best James

Three cheers for French road system.- Managed to drive in right hand side of road, towing trailer in thick last night from Dunkirk to Reims... Made it fine.. As French road signs luckily v good.   Now all fog cleared; and I'm enjoying the wide landscape with bird song everywhere, even in the roadside layby near Reims where I am writing this.  Not far to Icebird now. Excited because ETA for  rendezvous with the Icebird  this evening - Tomorrow, I plan to  set off to run from Montbard to Dijon,  leaving the car and trailer behind with friends in charming canal side village of Buffon.. Logistics are a nightmare, but great people keeping eye out for me turn the impossible into possible.  Rosie

HELLO EVERYBODY - I've made it back to France to continue my run ..
Plan - drive my car to Montbard where ICEBIRD is waiting for me.  Leave car there and run to Unilever at Dijon about 90kms along the canal tow path. Then on for another 100kms. THEN!! I will fetch car and drive to Rome.. I am determined to run the Rome Marathon with Icebird to help cancer awareness as planned.
- Can't fail with all the great encouragement.  SPECIAL THANKS today to the brilliant DFDS FERRIES!!!
  My amazing day  started after a rest after in a layby at 4am and then  early arrival in Dover. The ferry crossing to France was booked for 12 noon and I'd been was racing around getting  all the last mini chores done before going off, and got a  parking ticket...Tried really hard to pretend £35 just a parking charge, and  that I was supporting Dover,   But I  couldn't feel low for long anyway - as wonderful  thing happened next!   When I got to the ferry and  I was  given VIP passage for the old  car and self. Car felt like Cinderella.     This was. SO VVVVV kind of the ferry company - and it made me feel right on top of the world again and bouncing with energy again.. Kindness is the best true human magic. More later. Rosiexx

Dear jimmy - here is my tent up on stage just now - Talk for Queen's College starts at 7pm.  Rosiexx

Dear Dave and Margaret, This pics brings back memories of how wonderful you all were to me. I absolutely loved meeting you. Thank you also for your fabulous hospitality and kindness re the washing..and in EVERY way.
  Just arrived in France.. Parked on roadside before heading back to Icebird near Dijon tomorrow to get on with run..

Love and best wishes,


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